Safety Fact Sheet

Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House (“NTTIH”) commits to providing a safe and hygienic environment to the residents at all times. To this end, we have established policies to ensure strict compliance of regulatory requirements, maintenance of security, safety and sanitation standards, as well as regular inspection on functioning of systems and equipment.


The following measures are maintained to ensure safety of guests:

  • Provision of in-room safe deposit box;
  • Safe deposit box service at G/F reception;
  • 24-hour surveillance by CCTV at public areas;
  • Electronic access control system at G/F main lobby;
  • Security guards and regular security patrol of the premises;
  • Registration of external parties and visitors for access to NTTIH.

Fire Prevention

The following fire prevention measures are maintained to ensure safety of guests and staff during emergency:

  • Fire escape plan posted in guestrooms;
  • Fire-fighting equipment installed in guestrooms and at public areas;
  • Two emergency staircases to ensure quick evacuation of guests in case of emergency;
  • Public announcement system for effective announcement of emergency situation to guests;
  • Yearly fire drill by our fully-trained fire-fighting team, often with the participation of the Fire Services Department.

Emergency Power

The following equipment is maintained to ensure provision of sufficient power during emergency:

  • Emergency lighting to ensure sufficient lighting for escape;
  • An on-site generator to ensure emergency power to key systems and equipment during power failure.

Water Hygiene

The following measures are maintained to ensure provision of constant water supply meeting regulatory standard of hygiene:

  • Water quality assessed once every three months;
  • The water tanks cleaned once every three months.


The following measures are maintained to ensure high level of cleanliness:

  • Daily guestroom cleaning service;
  • Daily cleaning at public areas;
  • Sufficient supply of clean linen and bedding for guestrooms;
  • Deep cleaning of guestrooms and public areas on a regular basis;
  • Monthly cleaning of air-conditioners of guestrooms and public areas;
  • Disinfection of frequently-used facilities such as handles and lift panels several times daily;
  • Implementation of contingency cleaning plan in case of flu or other infectious disease epidemic;
  • Provision of cleaning guidelines and training to staff to ensure the standards of cleanliness of guestrooms and public areas.

Food Safety and Hygiene

Food safety and hygiene is one of our priorities. The House restaurant, Bistro Bon, is managed by a renowned and well-established catering operator who emphasizes the importance of food safety and hygiene. In practice, the restaurant employs the following policies to ensure the standards:

  • Provision of a wide variety of training materials as guidelines for staff's compliance;
  • Safety inspection to the restaurant once every three months by the University's Environmental Health and Safety Unit;
  • Inspection to the food safety and hygiene of the restaurant once every three months by an external, independent and internationally recognized company;
  • Setting up stringent standards and examining regularly with respect to food production, cleaning procedures, hygiene of environment as well as personal hygiene of staff.

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